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Canine Enrichment Center currently accepts debit or credit card payments for group classes only. All single gym sessions must be paid using cash or check. Before you and your dog can participate in activities at the Canine Enrichment Center, please review our policies (click here to view).


Great Skills for Life Class


Serves: Dogs 5 months and older


This class focuses on games you and your dog can play every day; teaching your dog skills and behaviors to help them to continue to develop into a well-mannered, happy, and safe dog - all while building a positive relationship between you and your furry loved one.


You can expect to grow your dog’s calmness, optimism, confidence, focus and impulse control in this class. As you and your dog learn the games, we'll work on generalizing them to a variety of places and situations. And of course, we’ll incorporate fun into every aspect!



  • $185, 4-week course, meets once a week

  • Each session is 50 minutes

 FULL  Session Start Date: Sunday, February 18th @ 12:00

  • Class dates: February 18th, 25th, March 3rd, 10th.

 Next Session Start Date: Saturday, February 24th @ 1:45

       Class Dates: February 24th, March 2nd, 9th,16th 

Confidence Class


Serves: Dogs of any age


Could your dog benefit from a bit more courage? This class is great for newly rehomed-shelter dogs, rescues, or shy Shirleys and Shermans. This game based class moves at a slow and steady pace – always considering the dog in front of you. Dogs in this class will get an opportunity to explore and try out a few basic agility obstacles as well.



  • $185, 4-week course, meets once a week

  • Each session is 50 minutes

Start Date: Saturday, April 20th @ 12:00

  • Class dates: April 20th,27th, May 4th, 11th 

Fun-gility Class


Serves: Dogs of any age. No prior training required!


This course is an excellent way to exercise your dog’s mind and body. Learning to navigate through tunnels, climb the A-frame, or cruise over the dog walk will build confidence and focus as well as deepening the  relationship between you and your dog.


A small course will be set up for you to run through with your dog on the last week of class. All classes are conducted with dogs on leash. No prong or choke-chain collars allowed.



  • $185, 4-week course, meets once a week

  • Each session is 50 minutes

FULL Start Date: Saturday, February 24th @ 12:30 

Next session Start Date: Saturday, March 30th @ 1:30

Class dates: March 30th, April 6th, 20th, 27th

*Note: Class will not meet April 13th

Fun-gility Run-Thrus


Serves: Dogs of any age!


Join us for 45-minutes of FUN with other pups and their owners as we run through a FUN-gility course! Your dog must be familiar with standard agility equipment. If they are not, please enroll in our 4-week Fun-gility group class which will introduce your dog to equipment in a safe manner. All dogs must be on leash. No prong or choke chain collars allowed.

Session Cost: $10 for current Fungility and former Fungility students, $15 for others

Dates & Times:

Mondays at  1:00 pm

To Register, Contact Heidi:

 Must call or Text (262) 685-2559 to reserve a spot.



Tricks for Treats Class


Serves: Dogs of any age

Join us for a fun-filled class where you'll build your dog's confidence, improve their engagement and focus, and provide them with a great mental workout! Tricks are a fantastic way to strengthen the bond between you and your best friend while establishing great communication skills to promote a relationship based on trust and fun! 


Example tricks we can teach include, but are not limited to:

  • Spin and twirl

  • Weaving through your legs

  • Peek-a-Boo

  • Paws up

  • Wipe your paws

  • Paw and nose targeting, and more!


  • $130 for 3-week course, meets once a week

  • Each session is 30 minutes

Start Date: Saturday, February 24th @ 1:45

Class dates: February  24th, March 2nd, 9th

Enrichment à la Carte


Serves: Dogs of any age

We'll do the FUN for you! Drop off your dog or puppy for a 30 or 60 minute enrichment session with our specialist. We'll tailor their time with us based on their age and abilities. 



  • $50 per 30-minutes, per dog

To Schedule, Contact Heidi:

Call  (262) 685-2559

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